"Remember, if the Qi can't flow, disease and illness can grow."

One must experience the connectivity and movement energy Javi brings to a session. 
I always feel loved and at peace.

Kim R, TX


Javi brings a humble confidence to his teaching that is very inviting

Michelle B, Canada


Javi’s Taiji calendar is an excellent way to hone one’s Taiji skills! The videos are beautiful and explanation is easy to understand. Javi’s workshops are relaxing, and heart warming. Excellent teacher!!

Lyndsay H. AR


"I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed your teachings. Thanks for the gr8 workshop!"

Vilma G, Avi N, Israel


"The pleasure is all ours! It was very successful the way you explain, teach and demonstrate. Thank you very much!"

Toda R, Israel


"Your detailed explanations of the movements involved in the different postures are really helping me to develop my understanding and my "feeling" in my practice."

Alan K, HI


 "I was very impressed, shocked really, that during the first Qigong energy exercise where we formed the ball between our palms, I was able to actually feel the pressure of the ball as I compressed it slightly and feel it stretch as I slightly pulled my palms apart. I have practiced meditation for years and have rarely had such a dramatic physical experience. I was also increadable relaxed afterwards."

Ken Nesbitt, TX  


 "Javier provided a mind body connection that really enhanced my feel of my martial arts. His qi gong sessions are always amazing and focused on specific directive exercises to loosen stagnation and enhance flow. Also Javier is pleasant to be around, a very nice guy! I will always take an opportunity to train with him when I can!"

Susie L. Torrance, CA


"Javi is extremely talented, knowledgable, and dedicated to expanding and refining his own art while helping others to improve their own. Highly recommended!" Erik H. Memphis, TN

 "In addition to the fact that Javi has been trained by a true Master I recommend his qigong massage as I have experienced his ability to remain present and non-judgemental while contributing a nourishing energy, essential qualities for a therapist."

Elise G. Auckland, NZ


"Javi is an a very intuitive qigong massage therapist and also a great teacher I always look for his ways of understanding to add into my practice and training. I highly recommend his teaching and therapies."

 DJ W. New York, NY


"Javier has an excellent ability to take both ancient and modern training techniques and create a path that suits each person based on their individual needs. Very systematic and a pleasure to work with." 

Paul M. Long Beachx, CA


"It was great. He has a great ability to taylor the needs of the training to the group and individual." 

Brent M. Los Angeles, CA


"Javier has a real talent for tailoring his approach to suit his students. This compliments his Taiji expertise and makes for a very personal and productive experience. An hour with Javier will keep you busy for months!"

 Mik D. Venice Beach, CA