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Mastering the Spine Wave. D: 0-3 July 5 - August 8. Sun,M,W,F

The Root Of All Movement (R.O.A.M.) Opening, Loosening, and Coordination of the whole body via the Spinal Wave

View the "Spine Wave to Full Body Wave" video

 $210 Sign Up and Pay

  • Embody the Root Of All Movement for Taijiquan and Qigong

  • Learn to soften the spine and back

  • Release back tension

  • Release neck and shoulder tension

  • Connect the mind to the whole body

  • Begin your path to your proficiency of balance

  • Begin Moving Meditation

  • Learn to massage your body, including your organs


Beginner’s Qigong. Intro. D: 0-2  July 5 - August 8. Sun,M,W,F    

A Great Place to begin. Foundations and Principles to Kickstart a Qigong Practice

$210 Sign Up and Pay

  • Learn the theoretical concepts and vocabulary of Qigong and some Taijiquan

  • Gain a overview and learn movements of other programs

  • Learn how to breath from the Lower Energy Center

  • Understand and practice circulation, metabolism, and cell replacement

  • Learn how to softly move your body for health and longevity

  • Learn about breathing strategies

  • Learn about thoughts, emotions, mental awareness


Small-Space Taiji Qigong. D: 0-2  July 5 - August 8. Sun,M,W,F    

Enjoy the Benefits of the Practice with limited space   

$160.00 Sign Up and Pay

  • Feel the benefits Taiji has to offer, even if you do not have a large space

  • Engage your lungs and legs to facilitate blood flow throughout the body

  • Learn how to meditate while moving

  • Improve your brain body communication

  • Improve your balance network

  • Learn some Taijiquan Movements

  • This is a great place to begin a Taijiquan Practice


Taijiquan Foundations 1D: 1-3   July 5 - August 8. Sun,M,W,F    

Enhance and bolster your Taijiquan practice or begin to learn Principles & Exercises for Taijiquan Training   

View the videos of exercises to be included

$210.00 Sign Up and Pay

  • Focus on building balance

  • Focus on posture

  • Focus on building leg strength, softly, over time

  • Focus on moving meditation

  • Learn to move from the center

  • Learn basic Taiji Ball theory and application

  • Learn martial breathing exercises for strength and power

  • Learn important Taijiquan Movements to prepare or enhance form practice


Dantian Massage and Conditioning. D: 1-3   July 5 - August 8. Sun,M,W,F  

Develop a relationship with your body. Abdominal Stimulation for Energy Production and Storing   

$210.00 Sign Up and Pay

  • Develop a relationship with the Dantian (Lower Energy Center)

  • Learn to massage your organs

  • Learn to store your energy

  • Learn to soothe your nervous system

  • Improve your ability to relax and sleep

  • Learn and use Reverse Abdominal Breathing

  • Improve metabolism and digestion

  • Begin a process of conditioning the nerves for Muscle Tendon Change


Entering Breath Awareness. D: 2-4   July 5 - August 8. Sun,M,W,F    

Integrate breath awareness into your life. Harmonizing Breath and Body Regulation

Watch a short lecture about Breath

Try a Follow-Along

$160.00 Sign Up and Pay

  • Develop your breath body

  • Develop your own breathing pace

  • Integrate breath awareness into your life

  • Oxygenate the cells of the body

  • Improve lung function and longevity of tissues

  • Learn to coordinate breath and movement

  • Improve your “internal vision”

  • Improve calmness of mind and body

  • Learn to release anxiety and unnecessary tension

  • Learn to manage and mitigate emotional and psychological stress


Qigong Circuit Training. D: 3-5   July 5 - August 8. T,Th,Sat    

Resistance Training for Endurance & Strength. Bolsters your current Qigong practice

View a sample video

$300.00 Sign Up and Pay

  • Learn to use resistance to strengthen the tissues of the body

  • Engrain full body movement, with load

  • Exercise the lungs and improve function

  • Invigorate and raise your spirit

  • Engrain Taiji Ball practice

  • Improve martial performance

  • Prepare for weapons training

  • Strengthen the grip, back, and base of the body

  • Enhance your rooting and balance

  • Applies neigong theory and muscle tendon change

  • Engrains structural integrity of the body and 6 major bows

  • Includes some massage and recovery strategies


6 Bows, Speed & Power. D: 3-5   July 5 - August 8. T,Th,Sat    

Fast Twitch Training of the whole body, to explode and manifest on command   

$210.00 Sign Up and Pay

  • Rigorous on the body and tissues

  • Builds fast-twitch muscles tissue

  • Enhances explosiveness of movement

  • Applies neigong theory and muscle tendon change

  • Improves martial power

  • Engrains structural integrity

  • Invigorates and raise the spirit 

  • Learn to relax under stress

  • Includes some massage and recovery strategy


Taiji Staff. D: 2-4   July 5 - August 8. T,Th,Sat    

Short form. Includes some conditioning.

View the video: "10 Step Taiji Staff"   

$210.00 Sign Up and Pay

  • Engrains stances and posture with staff

  • Engrains Taiji principles and foundations

Taiji for Better Balance. D: 1-3   July 5 - August 8. T,Th,Sat    

Focuses on fall prevention.  You will gain strength and firmness in your legs to keep you confident in your balance

View the video: "Better Balance. A Taiji Routine"

$210 Sign Up and Pay

  • Improve strength and flexibility of the lower body

  • Improves agility and reflexes of the toes, feet, calves, and upper legs

  • Improves relationship and feeling of lower extremities 

  • Strengths hips, knees, and ankles

  • Focuses on fall prevention

  • Includes foot massage

  • Improves blood flow of the feet and toes