Where to Find me

I grew up in San Antonio, Texas and started studying Martial Arts around the age of ten. Over the course of about seven years I studied Tang Soo Do, Shuri Ryu, and earned a black belt in Shito Ryu. Searching for meaning, I moved to Florida at the age of twenty, which started me on my path of deep commitment and passion for Martial Arts.  During this time, I kept learning other modalities and my openness led me to, dabble in the Philipino Arts, earn certification to teach Yoga, and most importantly begin my practice of Taijiquan.

I began to find purpose when I was introduced to QiGong and Meditation in 2004 under the YMAA system and started to take training more seriously.  I met Master Yang, Jwing-Ming, around that time and after three years of deliberation decided to apply to his ten-year Kung Fu program, slated to begin in August of 2008.  After a delay, the stars finally aligned and in August 2009 I made the big move to the YMAA Retreat Center, referred to as "the Mountain" by those who love and know it well, to begin training and become a Disciple.

In June of 2018, I graduated from the program and began my journey off the Mountain to begin walking the path of sharing the Arts with the wider world.

Now, you can not only find me in varrious corners of the world, teaching workshops and piloting programs, but also online through a new programme called Taijiquan Calendar Series.

Over the years on the Mountain, I spent much time pondering: What can ancient self-defense arts offer society?  What are the innovation and contributions of martial arts in our time?  With our current social climate, I believe that martial arts practitioners have a responsibility to model the way of the peaceful warrior. Modern day masters need to be versed in conflict-resolution.  Despite what most may think, martial arts is not about the perpetuation of conflict, but the resolution (without fighting) of it. The arts teach us to first resolve conflict within, whereby freeing us from engaging in external conflict.  

It is our obligation as martial artists, therefore, to help our global citizens find peace internally, so as to build a foundation for global peace.  The path of the peaceful warrior teaches the practitioner to value all life and respect power and weaponry as tools, not for attack, but for defense.

As a soft art in a seemingly hard world, Taijiquan is a place we can begin.  Taijiquan principles guide us in connection and communication for the sake of harmonious existence.  The Taijiquan practice is where we embody this softness and these transferable skills.  It teaches us to listen. It invites us to stay, breathe, and moves us in a new direction altogether.


The YMAA Retreat Center

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