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Sample of a Daily Drill Collage

INTRODUCING: Taijiquan Calendar Series

Over the years, especially during private sessions, special workshops, and Summer Seminars at the YMAA Retreat Center, many people have had the same questions and concerns in regards to approach to daily Taijiquan practice.

  • What should be practiced?
  • How should I be practicing to make progress?
  • How do I refine movements?
  • There are only so many hours in a day, how do I maximize time and improve efficiency?
  • What are the benefits and what is the ultimate goal of Taijiquan?  Why this practice?

After meditating on this throughout my time on the mountain, I've decided to break down the long form into a year-long daily-practice that helps to address these concerns and questions.  

Hence, the creation of Taijiquan Calendar 2019, a series of Qigong drills inspired by the Taijiquan form.

Short and simple, yet deep and nuanced, this is a progamme that is both doable and versatile; one that is appropriate for the practitioner of every level.


Already know the form?This Taijiquan Calendar Series is an opportunity for you to refine and deepen.


New to the form?The Calendar will help you commit to the process of learning, a little bit each day.  The project allows you to establish a disciplined approach to the practice that promotes cultivation of patience with the path and yourself.

Internal Cultivation and Qigong are Featured:


The exercises are designed to be continuous so the movements are looped, promoting a meditative state. This moving meditation is an essential component of the Tiajiquan form.

It is an aspect that is especially important for healing at all levels, as well as providing windows of introspection, refinement, and the space-time to explore the five regulations.


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This year, the Taijiquan Calendar Series takes on digital form as a Daily Drill Collage, complemented by an online Daily Drill Description and Video.  There is a non-digital 12-Month Wall-Calendar option as well, designed to support your practice.


Support and be supported by a community of online learners.  Let’s build it together!